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Aft deck lounge and bar
The aft deck exterior lounge on the main level of the Spirit provides comfortable seating and tables for guests, served by an outdoor bar.

Outdoor hot tub
On the main level, just off the forward lounge, you’ll find the Spirit’s custom outdoor hot tub: 900 gallons, adjusted to your liking, to soak and enjoy the view.

Sky lounge
Up the beautiful winding staircase from the main salon, the beautifully-designed interior sky lounge features large windows for enjoying the beautiful West Coast. Another versatile space, the Sky Lounge can be used as a casual area for enjoying the multi-media entertainment center and 60” flat screen, a socializing and entertaining area, or converted to a conference/meeting room.

Top deck exterior lounge
On the Spirit’s fourth level, the top deck, an exterior lounge features built-in settees and sun chairs, providing magnificent views to enjoy while you cruise.

On the top deck, adjacent to the outdoor lounge, the pilothouse is designed to invite guests to experience the operation of the vessel while still separate and removed from interfering with the business at hand. The vessel is equipped with state of the art engineering and equipment for safe cruising to any coastal cruising grounds.